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Find a quality used mobile phone or computer today

Get a great deal on a used device, or sell yours to us!

As well as being well-known in Gateshead for iPhone and computer repairs, we also stock a wide range of electronic devices and accessories. From affordable computers to the latest iPhones, we sell a section of quality used goods, all checked by our team of technicians. Visit our shop today for browse our range of:

  • Mobile phones

  • Laptop computers

  • Desktop PCs

  • Tablets

  • Games consoles

All devices are either high-quality used goods, or refurbished items looked over by our skilled team. We thoroughly test every device to make sure it works, and to ensure you get a great-quality item you can enjoy with confidence. Visit our shop today or call us to discuss what we have available or to sell your old devices to us.

Mobile Phone
Components Inside of Mobile Phone

We can fix:

  • Cracked screens

  • Damaged cases

  • No sound/speaker

  • Damaged display

  • No touch screen response

  • Software issues

  • Battery replacements

  • Charging issues

And much more besides. All repairs come with a 3-month guarantee.

"Fast and efficient service. Today I had my iPhone 6 screen & home button replaced. Really quick service. I will recommend this business to all of my friends and family."

- AmyD-2025 on

hands using a phone

View our handy sellers' checklist

We're committed to providing a smooth process for selling your device to us. In order for us to offer a fair and fast quotation, please check the following before coming to us:​

  • Do you have all the accessories that came with the device?

  • Do you have the original box?

  • Is the device damaged in any way? We will need to know if any repairs are required, as it may affect the final price offered.

  • Have you deleted your personal data/safely backed it up? We will clear devices, but you may wish to keep contacts, photos etc. safely backed up for your new device.

  • Is the phone on a contract you will no longer use? You may need to cancel this with your provider.

  • What network is your phone set up for/is it unlocked?

  • Does the device have any viruses/malware on it? Removal will be necessary.

If you're not 100% on any of the above, we are still happy to help. Bring your device to our shop in Gateshead and we'll aim to provide an accurate valuation as soon as possible. Please note that we may have to limit the number of people in our shop due to Covid-19 restrictions, so we may ask you to return later in the day for your estimate or to collect your device.

Get a great price on used devices from Ri Call Mobiles, Gateshead.

Whether you want to buy or sell, visit our shop or call us on 01917 111750.

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